Freddy....nothing as it seems

With their debut cd the Classic Rockers of BODYGUERRA show, that it is possible to combine hardrock with the present decade. The band-of-four around the guitar wizard Guido Stöcker and psychologist and lead singer Daniel Seebass offers hardrock at its best, without being nostalgic in any way.

Street Day 26.04.2013

The CD “Freddy…nothing as it seems“ is a psychogram of death! It deals with life and death of one of the most prolific serial killers: Dr. Harold Frederic Shipman, an English doctor who had a surgery in Hyde near Manchester. British Press entitled him Dr. Death. The doctor was drug addicted and an inquiry found out, that he should have killed over 250 people. He finally got caught because of a foolishly forged last will leaving him a considerable amout of money. He commited suicide in his prison cell on January 13th, 2004.
BODYGUERRA loves to play live – this band is definitly not made for a rehersal room or a studio – for those who saw them, this is obvious! Whereever BODYGUERRA played live – in combination with younger death metal bands, punk bands, even with famous classic rock acts – the band left an impression and the audience was with them. Even more – the women either like it either!
The cd is out on April 26th in a digipack with a booklet containing 20 pages

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