Mighty! Bodyguerra is pure rock! Bodyguerra combines classic rock with this decade! The cast of 4 presents hardrock in the classical manner, without being nostalgic in any way. The unique sound of guitar-player Guido Stöcker and the outstanding vocals by singer Daniel Seebass distinguishes Bodyguerra from the mass.


Bodyguerra is existing since 2009 – and the band grew! On stage you feel a strong presence: the best songs derive from people connected to the music they do and who act in blind understanding. Naturally – any musician needs to know how to do, but in the end it's the interaction!

This band lives rock!
Next to the main force Guido Stöcker - guitar, Daniel Seebass - vocals, the massive rhythymsection of Christian Stöcker - bass and Benjamin Kövener - drums delievers the punch and rhythmical capabiltiy the music needs. Live and in the studio!