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Xmas-Bundle 2017

2 CD-Set Xmas-Special Details:
Pre-order CD: -SOLID- Release Date April 2018,
CD: -Freddy...nothing as it seems-
CD -for the ocean- a tribute to sea shepherd-

CD -SOLID- Pre-order
Will be released in April 2018

CD Freddy...nothing as it seems, Digipack 20 page Booklet, Total time 72 minutes, tracks:

1. Dr. Death
2. Castle In The Dark
3. Vera
4. Spin The Needle
5. Path To Eden
6. The Retreat
7. I Wanted All
8. 21 Market Street
9. No Proof For Innocence
10. Smoke Without A Fire
11. In The End
12. Last Transfer
13. Coming Home.

Details ...

20.00 €


CD Bodyguerra „Freddy...nothing as it seems”

CD Bodyguerra „Freddy...nothing as it seems” - Preview
Audio-CD in Digipack contains 20-page Booklett, 13 Titel, Release 2013

If I want a grooving, yet soaring mix of Metal and Rock, I need only to look to Germany for such bands, and BODYGUERRA is certainly a rising star in the field.

Overall this has been a very enjoyable classic rock album. Bodyguerra’s intriguing storytelling definitely adds to the appeal and I’d happily recommend this to any fans of the genre.

Iza Raittila /

10.00 €



T-shirt - Preview
Bodyguerra Tourshirt
Freddy...nothing as it seems
100% cotton colour: black

15.00 €


Plectrum Set

Plectrum Set - Preview

10.00 €

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