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CD For The Ocean - A Tribute To SEA SHEPHERD

Audio-CD mit 8-seitigem Booklett, 13 Titel, Release 2014

Douglas Adams, (author of: The Hitchhiker»s Guide to the Galaxy) made a brilliant comment regarding these issues and how we deal with the planet:

”If we think everything is made for us, we go on destroying it in the way we do! Just because we think it is made for us! The earth doesnt need us, the earth is fine!!

It is not the problem that we destroy her, the thing is, we destroy our environment! The earth had bad asteroid impacts and is still there! It is our choice how to deal with her, it is our present and future, not the future of mother earth”

Bodyguerra - Think it over 4:13
Ayscobe - The Ocean 6:09
Domain - Burning Red 5:21
Sapiency - Tomorrow 4:36
Inner Sanctum - Agent of Chaos 3:40
Shanghai guns - Long Way Hard Decision 3:51
Peoples Temper - Monumental 3:
Siren«s Legacy - Ghostship 5:09
Krautalarm - Kontinent Plastik 3:50
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Freiheit Gleichheit Brüderlichkeit 3:28
Debauchery - Kings of Carnage 6:09
Bleeding Red - Nameless 4:28
Neurotox - Wir klagen an 3:03
Zaragon - Raindrops 4:12

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